Freedom Haven is an open-design low cost socioeconomic freedom seasteading project in international waters which seeks to be the most affordable seasteading solution to date with the goal of having square footage of open-sea-safe living space at $316/square-foot ($50,505/TEU) paid as a 5-year lease. This is achieved by using off-the shelf solutions in new combinations. Supporters meet on Facebook and other platforms to collaborate gratis on the structures design and tax-free pseudo-anarchist government. Multiple floating and sea-floor-mounted structures containing living quarters, boat dry docks, stores, businesses, manufacturing, etc, work together to form a peaceful nation that could survive life at sea, while permanently anchored in international waters.

While recognition as an independent nation is not required for the success of this project, we do plan on qualifying as such a State under Article 1 of the "Montevideo Convention":

"The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications:

  • (a) a permanent population;
  • (b) a defined territory;
  • (c) government; and
  • (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states."

Current Status: Gratis Designing (We are NOT ready for funding yet, but we welcome gratis contributions of knowledge and time in our design)

Join the discussion on our facebook groups:

  • Creating a Libertarian Seasteading Micronation - A general discussion about creating a Libertarian Seasteading nation.
  • Freedom Haven Government Role-Play - This is where we design the Freedom Haven Constitution and tackle tough government-related issues Freedom Haven may face.
  • Freedom Haven Constitution - Current draft version of our Constitution (Now with interactive HTML, audio-book versions, etc))
  • Current visual draft notes from of our high-level design (click on image to enlarge) - more details are available in the discussions at the links above

    Possible sites we're considering in international waters with a seabed shallow enough to anchor at. More discussions on this at our "Creating a Libertarian Seasteading Micronation" facebook group. (Modified from original wikimedia source image)

    The current plan has the purchase and building of New Liberty occurring in 4 phases (with lessons learned from each phase likely affecting plans in the following phases):

    • Phase 1 R&D 1/500th scale model (currently in): $0. This will be built out-of-pocket as the initial design gets fine tuned, 3d printed, and then built again with the correct materials and weights (as much as is possible at that small scale) for wave testing, etc.
    • Phase 2 R&D 1/100th scale model: $5 per TEU (current estimate) until all 4,000 TEUs are accounted for
    • Phase 3 R&D 1/10th scale model: $500 per TEU (current estimate)
    • Phase 4 Final Structure Build: $50,000 per TEU (current estimate of average some will cost more or less depending on chosen location and weight limits). The total price for a resulting TEU is the costs of R&D from phases 2 and 3 plus the phase 4 cost.

    This page was last updated 11/30/2019